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Multicolored Stain Concrete Floor in a Kitchen

Diamond D Company walked away with gold at the 2002 Bomanite International Conference in St. Louis this past March. The recent Award for the Best Patène Artectura Project/Flatwork makes this the fifth award in three consecutive years for owner Dave Pettigrew and his crew.

The award-winning project is located in La Honda, California, and features a mixture of Patène Artectura and Micro-Top. It took Pettigrew and his crew six weeks to color the 6,000 square feet of flooring, which followed after three days of scoring the designs. Concrete runs throughout the house as both vertical and horizontal design elements including floors, two horizontal countertops in the kitchen and master bedroom and as surrounding walls in the shower. "Everyone who comes into the house can't believe it's concrete." Pettigrew said.

As a kid, Pettigrew loved to draw artistic designs and interesting geometric shapes, which he would then color and use to cover his textbooks. Since then, his passion to create unique and brilliant works of art on anything concrete such as floors, driveways and countertops is unending.

Stained Floor with a Diamond Pattern

Ten years ago, Pettigrew saw acid stained floors for the first time. Since then, he is devoted to learning everything possible about interior floors and believes his best work is yet to come. He has been involved in the development of several new products and is always learning about existing products that have been on the market.

In 1999, Diamond D won the Gold Award for Outstanding Patène Artectura Residential Project, Loma Prieta project; 1999 - Volume Category, Outstanding New Region 10 Licensee; 2000 - Specialty Category, Best Patène Artectura Project under 2,000 square feet, Getz Residence; 2000 - Regional Category Gold Award - Best Bomanite Project under 1,000 square feet, Leonardich Residence; and the 2001 Specialty Category Gold Award - Best Patène Artectura Project Flatwork, La Honda House.

"I don't think I will ever stop learning," Pettigrew says.

This year there were a total of 55 entries submitted from 21 different Bomanite licensees around the globe including Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, United Kingdom and the United States. The judging panel included management from the corporate office (VP Technical Services, VP Plant Operations, Director of Operations and Managing Director).

Evaluations were based on slides, project descriptions and supporting materials submitted with each entry. In addition, judging was equally based on overall aesthetics; creative use of Bomanite /Bomacron, Patène Artectura, Micro-Top/Thin -Set; quality of installation; and technical difficulty.

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